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I am a Chinese, but in Aus, Tech guy, working for a security company. I will update this blog, not regularly. 🙂

I like many different things, you can find out in my blog’s category.



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  1. 你好!有空的話,去看看以下的blog and leave some comments. It’s a great italian’s blog that i found lately~ ^^He is a tech guy too!

    “This blog (web site blog) is about Roma and the ancient Romans and
    Julius Caesar and the Colosseum Gladiators and Italian sweet life (dolce vita). It is about delicious opera music and delicious wine and Ferrari and Armani. More than this. It is about the philosophical roots of the West.

    Italy is the most ancient and refined people of the West. This blog is about the *eternal city*, Rome, capital of Italy.

    Roma has shaped the West and created the Western and European civilisation. UK, America, Europe would not exist without Roma.

    Do you want to understand the West and his roots,
    1) before leaving for a vacation or 2) before starting business with Italians and Europeans and the British and even USA? 3) or just to have FUN in a magic country even only thru web????

    Get to the roots! Get to the roots of all this, of UK, America and Europe, you Chinese people needing to understand the West better!

    Comment by autumnsnow — December 9, 2007 @ 2:02 am

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