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— updated at 05 Dec 07

— Engadget’s CSS blog lists 9 Firefox extensions that anyone who works with web technology should check out.

  • Web Developer – The absolute must-have extension for anyone who builds web sites, no matter how small or few and far between.
  • MeasureIt – No more eyeballing pixel widths!
  • ColorZilla – I shudder to think back on the huge PITA of getting hex codes for colors before this lovely extension… taking a screenshot, pasting it into Photoshop, using the eyedropper tool… how much time have I saved because of it? (Answer: lots.)
  • FireBug – As mentioned on The Javascript Weblog; just darn useful.
  • IE View – All the maddening bugs of IE without actually having to launch the browser. (With the caveat that it doesn’t do me much good on my Mac at work, where I don’t have IE/Mac installed.)
  • Live HTTP Headers – Go along for the ride from user interface to server and back, making all local stops.
  • EditCSS – Modify currently loaded stylesheets.
  • Cookie Crumbler – Convenient way to quickly clear cookies from a domain.
  • Clear Cache Button – Another small convenience that makes a big difference.

Extend Firefox Contest Winners

50 Best Extension for power surfing

— 15 Best Extension suggested by CSDN

1. Tab Mix Plus 该扩展使用户能够实现完全的标签订制

2. Adblock Plus 该扩展用于从移去网页中不需要的内容,诸如广告、Flash

3. Greasemonkey 该扩展使用户得以调整所访问的网站,以改进访问性能和表现形式

4. All-in-One Sidebar 该扩展增加了一个独立的Sidebar画面,以便于用户在Windows、下载等不同界面间快速切换

5. SpellBound 这是一个类于Word里拼写检查的扩展

6. Reveal 该扩展将标签缩小成一个小图标(thumbnails),以便于查找访问历史清单

7. PDF Download 该扩展可使用户选择何种PDF文档的控制方式

8. IE View Lite 该扩展使用户在Firefox上下文菜单中能方便地点击打开IE

9. All-in-One Gestures 该扩展可使用户能管理光标、滚卷样式等

10. NoScript 该扩展可使用户对JavaScript进行充分的管理与控制

11. FoxyTunes 该扩展用于控制媒体播放器

12. Download Them All 该扩展可以一次点击的方式控制包括网页上图像的下载在内的各种下载

14. hp“Wizz NewsReader 这是一个新闻阅读器的扩展

14. Image Zoom 该扩展用于调整图像的尺寸

15. Livelines 该扩展用于定制和管理“add live bookmark”

— 20 must-have extensions (Computer World)

10 Anti-Phishing Extensions


The skins I am using:

  • Azerty III
  • Littlefox
  • Maczilla Default
  • Maczilla Graphite
  • miniFoxFlat
  • Outlook 2003 Green
  • PitchDark
  • PixelZilla
  • Super Mario Bros 3

Extension and Plugin Home Page:


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  1. Just noticed that you dont have the Groowe toolbar in your list – I find it a great way to browse the web and allows me to cut down on all the toolbars that take up real estate in my browser.

    Comment by justmarketing — June 1, 2007 @ 9:50 pm

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